I was excited to add a Ring Doorbell Pro to my home to accompany my existing home security surveillance system.  The installation was straightforward and easily accomplished in less than 15 minutes.


A few days after the installation I check my surveillance system to notice motion detection activity on my security cameras that faced the general direction of my front door.  On closer inspection it appeared there was a light turning off for 2 seconds every 10 minutes.  On closer inspection it turned out the IR light on the Ring doorbell would periodically turn off and almost immediately back on.  This “flashing/blinking” was resulting in a motion detection event, not for the Ring but for the main system.  Here a an animated GIF of what it looks like:

I had to contact Ring technical support several times for them to understand what the issue actually was and if there was a fix for it.  I was initially told that this was not normal behavior and that a factory reset would solve the problem.  Nope.  Two more support tickets to find out this is normal behavior for the device.  The IR light turns off once in a while to see if it’s light enough outside to leave the IR light off.


My solution was to cover the bottom portion of the Ring Doorbell with black electrical tape.  See below.

The next night I checked and confirmed that the infrared light was no longer seen flashing or triggering my cameras.

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