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Ring Doorbell Pro IR LED Flashing Off

I was excited to add a Ring Doorbell Pro to my home to accompany my existing home security surveillance system.  The installation was straightforward and easily accomplished in less than 15 minutes. Problem! A few days after the installation I check my surveillance...

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Four Steps to Fight Ransomware!

If the WannaCry virus missed you, the next one might not. If you missed the news (or saw the headlines but didn't have time to check it out), there was a global hack attack of the ransomware variety the second week of May (2017). It struck 150 countries, thousands of...

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WannaCry Ransomware Attack is One of the Biggest

Computers around the world are infected. What happened? On Friday, May 12, 2017, a massive cyberattack called WannaCry took place globally, affecting millions of computers, thousands of companies and agencies, and catching most of the world totally off guard. This...

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Chris Parker is the definition of loyalty, professionalism and competence.

In addition, he brings enormous creativity, energy, dedication, commitment and hard work to every project and assignment.

His work is meticulous and his attitude is refreshing. He is willing to step into any situation and bring all of his talent and skillset to create the needed results regardless of the effort required.

Seymour Alter

President, Spectrum Direct Insurance Services

Chris is a an extremely talented and resourceful IT Director, website and database programmer, and companywide Systems Administrator for both in-house and remote employees and call center associates which was no easy task. What always impressed me most was Chris’s ability to manage and execute multiple projects simultaneously; from database development, campaign management and programming of multiple websites, to technical requirements for an entire call center of remote agents. He is consultative and has an exceptional grasp on direct marketing requirements. I give Chris my highest recommendation and hope to work with him in some capacity in the future.

Joe Invidiata

I have a long list of positive things to say about Chris Parker. He is a multi-talented professional; and not only in the IT arena. He is a well-rounded, intelligent, hard-working business executive who is highly skilled at dealing with others in various departments at at different levels in the organization. Chris is reliable, dependable, creative and level-headed. I give him my highest recommendation.

Christopher Snyder, CLU, ChFC

Chief Executive Officer, eLife, LLC