I’ve evaluated over a dozen header bidding adapters on WhatIsMyIPAddress.com and this is my review of them and which you may wish to test in your prebid.js header bidding setup.  At this time I’m running 7 to 8 adapters at one time.  What I’ve done is set a minimum revenue threshold that make sense for me.  If a partner is not able to consistently hit that goal I’ll remove them from my configuration.  The length of time that I’ll test with my setup varies.  If they’re performing poorly and through conversation there does not appear to be a turnaround coming I’ll pull them out. Here is my list of these partners in alphabetical order.

Top 3 Best Performing Prebid.js Header Bidding Adapters

Other adapters that I’ve tested, of which I am still working with a few.

Adapters that I’d like to test, but the companies have been either unresponsive or uninterested.

  • Centro
  • Rubicon
  • Yieldbot

Other Heading Bidding style integrations that I’ve either tested or am interested in testing

  • Amazon (Tight limits on approved domains.)
  • OpenX (Prebid.js adapter but a 100m ad impression requirement.)
  • Pubmatic (Prebid.js adapter but a 300m ad impression requirement.)

Learning More

You can learn more about header bidding by visiting the prebid.js open source project. It’s important to understand that just because one particular adapter or another didn’t work for me doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you, your website, and your audience.  You need to have a consistent process in place for testing and be willing to retest if the situation warrants it.  But, don’t just retest because someone asks you to.  Have them explain why you should try again – what did they change, why will that change positively impact your results this time around, and how much will it change?

[Updated April 2018]

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