I often get approached by ad networks wanting to run on WhatIsMyIPAddress.com  Before I will even discuss running a test I have a series checks that I do and questions that I ask.

Pre-Discussion Checks

  1. Does the ad network have contact information on their website including corporate name, address, phone number, and email address?
  2. What country are they located in? (I’m wary of working with companies in certain regions of the world)
  3. Does their domain name registration information match what is on the website, or is it hidden?
  4. How long have they been in business? How many people work there?
  5. Can I find any reviews on the network through Google searches?

Background Questions

  1. Do they target specific niches?  Which ones?
  2. How many publishers are they currently working with?
  3. How many ad impressions are they serving monthly?
  4. How do they handle/prevent malware ads?
  5. What platform do they use or is it in house?

Minimum Testing Requirements

  1. Self-service reporting must be available from launch.  Filtering by date, placement, and country.
  2. They must have category filters and be implemented during the test.
  3. Reasonable payment terms (Net 30-45 is most common, Paypal/check/wire, I usually start with Paypal.)
  4. Do they have a contract or insertion order to sign?
  5. Reasonable minimum impressions for testing
  6. Agree on the number of impressions per day per geo over what time frame in order to feel confident on their performance
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